Queen of Swords (Deck: Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne)

The Queen of Swords doesn’t take shit from no one, no how, no way. She is strong and stands her ground. You do not want to get on her bad side. Though she is not vindictive or vengeful, she is just indifferent and unhelpful to those who have crossed her. She is sharp, but knows when and where to use that sharpness. She’s the person you want guarding your back. Many accuse her of being a bitch, but she’s just straight-forward and honest. You always know where you stand with her. Sometimes she’s aggressive and has some masculine characteristics, but she’s all woman. She’s calm and confident, capable and strong. She takes care of those she loves with a ferociousness that cannot be matched. She fights for the rights of others, believing all should be treated equally. She doesn’t trust easily, though. You have to earn her trust. But once you do, she will fight to the death for you. Don’t ever try to take advantage of her. That will really piss her off. This Queen doesn’t indulge in small talk, she prefers to discuss matters that have meaning to her, and when she asks how you are, it’s not just a greeting, she really wants to know. And don’t try to fool her, she’ll see straight through you. Lies irritate her more than anything else, so it’s best to just tell her the truth. She respects that.

Do you have a Queen of Swords in your life? Consider yourself lucky! Are you a Queen of Swords? We all need this energy in our life at times. Harness this energy when you most need it. Being a Queen of Swords full-time is probably exhausting, but bring her out when you need her.


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