Tarot Card of the Day

Page of Pentacles (Deck: Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne)

The Page of Pentacles signals something new in the material area of your life. You might have a new job opportunity, or receive some unexpected money. The page is also a student, so encourages you to learn something new that’s practical. Learn a new recipe or learn how to invest money. Consider taking classes, either community classes or college. Try yoga! Pages can also indicate that you’re going to receive a message in this area, so watch for that. The Page could also represent a young person in your life that you need to pay attention to. Maybe one of your kids needs some extra help with their homework. The Page of Pentacles is pretty straightforward. That’s its nature. It’s a mundane type of card, no mystery or secret messages. Not much in the way of symbolism. So today’s message is short and sweet.

What can you learn today? Try that new recipe, sign up for a class. Be simple and practical today.


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