Seattle Psychics Association Code of Ethics for Members 

I, as a Certified Reader and Professional Member of Seattle Psychics Association, agree to uphold the following standards of ethical practices.

  • I will treat all clients with dignity and respect.  I will not show discrimination or prejudice based on a person’s sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnic background, religious affiliation, age, ability, relationship style, or other expression of diversity.

  • I will strive to honor the point of view of others, even if they are different from mine.  I honor the Relative Truth and Free Will of others.  While I may be asked to inform and guide my client’s choices, I will remain mindful that it is their choice to follow any guidance I offer.

  • I am working to enhance the image of the Seattle Psychics Association and the broader Metaphysical community through my professionalism, ethical practice, and authenticity.  I accept that my image and reputation are a reflection on my colleagues and other members of SPA.

  • I will vigilantly avoid fraudulent practices and will not make claims or promises that are beyond my ability.  I will always strive for quality and integrity in my readings and metaphysical work.

  • I honor the privacy of my clients and I will not share personal information about readings or advice and healing sessions with others.  I will not share my client’s contact information or other personal information with others.  I will get my client’s full consent before adding them to any mailing list or forwarding any type of advertisement to them.

  • I confirm that my practice is informed by professional education and training, and I have demonstrated my competence and skill.  I agree to only offer services that are within my scope of training and I will not claim accolades, titles, or experience that I have not fairly earned.   I will strive to continually learn and enhance my skills.

  • I will inform all my clients that I am not a Medical Doctor, a licensed Therapist, or Psychiatrist and therefore will not provide a health diagnosis or psychological advice.  I will encourage my clients to see a doctor or mental health professional if needed, and offer my readings or healing sessions as Spiritual Support for their overall health and wellbeing. In the case that I AM actually a Medical Professional or licensed Therapist, I acknowledge that I am not offering those services through Seattle Psychics Association, and I will direct clients to book me for those services through the appropriate channels. 

  • I will not tell a client that they are dying or terminally ill, or that someone close to them is going to die or become terminally ill.  Even if I have a strong intuitive sense that there is a serious health problem; I will responsibly voice my concern without giving a diagnosis or creating fear. 

  • I will set my fees, prices and energy exchange rates fairly and within the balance of my skills and experience level, without any hidden costs, unfair fees, or added on extended sessions.  It is not my intent to charge the client as much as possible or coerce them into buying more sessions.

  • I will not use fear tactics or coercion to attract clients or convince a client that they need to pay for my services.  For example I will not tell people that they are cursed, sick, or haunted and that they will need to purchase a session with me in order to have the curse removed or be healed.  I will never tell a client that they will have bad luck or bad health if they do not return to me for another session or see a different metaphysical healer.

  • My work will be focused on helping clients gain confidence and spiritual or energetic balance in their lives.  I encourage my clients to accept responsibility for their lives and the choices they make, but I will never force my clients to accept what I am telling them.

  • I will not make claims that my readings or healing sessions are 100% accurate or 100% effective all the time.  I will help my client understand that my services are offered to support their path towards a balanced life; not to be seen as an “Instant Fix” or final solution.

  • I will work to build professional, ethical, and compassionate partnerships with my clients and my colleagues.  I will avoid creating a culture of competition amongst other members of Seattle Psychics Association and know that my clients are free to choose other Readers or Healers.  I will not speak poorly about other members of SPA to my clients, and I will not speak poorly of my clients to other members of SPA.

  • I keep the welfare of my client in highest regard, yet I willingly admit my own boundaries.  If at any point I realize that I cannot serve this client because they need a service or advice that is beyond my training or expertise, I will end the session.  I will do what I can to help the client find a reader or healer to better suit their needs, and offer a refund if necessary.  I can tell a client “No” if they are asking for a service that I do not offer or for something that I do not ethically align with, or if they make me uncomfortable.  I am not obligated to serve anyone who makes me feel unsafe, and I will strive to establish and hold my own boundaries without being rude or disrespectful.

  • I will not engage in unsolicited advertisements.  This means that I will not randomly send people I do not know messages on social media to advertise my services.  I can use my social media pages and websites to advertise my services but I understand that sending unsolicited private messages to strangers is unprofessional and distasteful.

  • I agree to the Seattle Psychics Association terms and conditions related to cancellations or refunds, privacy policy, payment method etc for Readings or Sessions booked through SPA.  



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