The word Shaman is a bit of a loaded word in modern day spiritual communities. It conjures into the mind images of ancient indigenous men and women practicing age old rites of healing and power. Many People see it as a closed practice from indigenous people all over the world. Thinking that if you are not from one of the tribes that embodies that knowledge you have no right to be practicing it.

However that is not entirely correct. Every single culture in the world at one point or another has had a form of Shamanism as part if its spiritual make up, Including European cultures. What is a closed practice is medicine work, or the traditional rituals of a specific culture. The practice of Shamanism is the oldest form of spirituality that mankind has ever had. It predates all forms of religion.

In order to understand Shamanism we must first understand the Shaman. Shamans are the original walkers between worlds. Living neither in the world of man nor in the world of the divine, yet living somewhere in between worlds. Through trance inducing practices a Shaman is capable of exiting the body and interacting with spiritual forces in their own planes of existence. This is done in order to bring back wisdom, healing and power upon the return to the body.

The world of the Shaman is quite complex, centered around the Axis Mundi. The Central Pillar of the universe, often taking the form of the world tree. It has 3 layers in spiritual form. The Middle world ( The spiritual aspect of our own world) the Upper World above us, and the Lower World below us. Each has its own cosmology and  structure. It is the work of the shaman to know well and explore these 3 world in all of their layers and parts in order to heal and empower their communities.So what doe Shamans and their modern day counterparts Shamanic Practitioners and Healers do?  Well Speaking from my own perspective as a Shamanic Practitioner and Healer, I say that what I do help heal the Human Soul. My training comes form Core Shamanism as taught by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. I have been taught to bring back from Non Ordinary Reality ( the spiritual places I have already mentioned) power to the disempowered. I can clean out spiritual wounds and in doing  so release and remove spiritual illness.  In my work I have had the privilege to help cross over into the afterlife countless souls that were stuck in the middle world in a pattern of illness and pain. I have seen my clients life change immensely after soul retrieval work when we bring back the fragmented pieces of their soul that they have been lost in moments of trauma. I have seen entire families and communities transform and heal after work with Ancestral Healing.

All of these are the foundational  aspects of modern day contemporary Shamanic Practice. Be mindful I do not speak on behalf of traditional Indigenous Shamans and Medicine People. As already stated my practice is Core Shamanism a modern day cross cultural Shamanic Practice.

What does then Shamanism both modern and contemporary has to offer the modern world? We offer a path to becoming whole and connected. Both to our spiritual selves and the world around us ( Including the natural world) The modern world is living in an epidemic of Shamanic Illness. Where due to many forms of trauma countless individuals have lost their sense of personal empowerment and wholeness. As such Shamanism both Indigenous and Contemporary could never be more needed.

However we must be aware that Shamanic Healing is not a magic wand to wave over your head and solve all your problems. Like any other form of spiritual healing lifestyle changes are a huge part of our transformation. Also it is so true that it will take a small village to make you whole. When we are fragmented and disconnected, only reconnection can truly help us heal. During the time following a Shamanic Healing Session, many people end up needing to reach out to family, community and even healthcare to help integrated the spiritual shock of the healing that they have received.

In reality what I call what I do Soul Level healing because it is the spiritual version of doing surgery in your soul. As such it is no small event. However when nothing else does the trick and we feel our very soul cry out for help from a lifetime of trauma and pain, it is the role of the Shaman to step in and jumpstart your healing journey. A Journey that will take you through your family, through your community, not to mention also conventional modern medicine and the confines of your own heart and soul.

In the end I ask you, do you feel the call to return to wholeness? Do you feel that you are supported in your quest for transformation? Are you prepared to face the challenges of your wounded soul in order to heal and grow? If so perhaps it is time list the path between the worlds. To visit the Shaman,  or to visit The Shamanic Healer.


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