About SPA Membership

About Us: Welcome to the Seattle Psychics Association(SPA)! We have been leading the charge to provide professional development, community & prosperity opportunities for spiritual advisors worldwide since 2019. We have a global impact in providing our benefits to members and clients seeking ethical and vetted advisors. Our Association is thriving with each members continued growth and contributions to SPA’s evolution!

We invite you to join us as our newest member! As a Certified SPA Member your exclusive benefits include:
Featured on SPA Social Media.
A customizable and professional business listing on our SPA Website.
SPA Public Event Opportunities.
Platform your classes and events with SPA Team Support.
Quarterly Professional Development Retreats.
Networking and Community Building Opportunities.
50% off all SPA Member Instructed Classes & Event Fees!

Our Code of Ethics: Click Here to Learn About Our Code of Ethics

How to Join:
1. Submit SPA Membership Application – Click Here
2. Book your Initial Member Consultation – Click Here
3. After your consultation is complete and you are SPA Certified, you will be given access to set-up your membership officially and start accessing your benefits! 

SPA Membership Fee Information:

We offer a monthly membership plan ($9/a month) or a yearly membership plan ($99/a year). Save upfront with a yearly membership fee, or spread it out to an easy monthly fee. Either way, you will receive full benefits of the membership! We look forward to meeting with you and starting a prosperous journey together!

For further questions, please email us at info@seattlepsychicsassociation.com!

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