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Justice (Deck: Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne)

The figure in the Justice card typically holds a sword and scales, and this deck is no different. However, in this deck, the figure sees a reflection of herself, also. The reflection is not exactly the same as the original figure, though. Slight differences. Justice means many different things to different people, depending on which side of justice you’re on. If you’ve done something wrong, justice is harsh and results in punishment. If you’re a victim, justice means the person who wronged you gets their due. Truth is, we’re all being weighed. By ourselves. The scales represent our inner self keeping track of all we are and all we’ve done. How do you feel about where you are in life? Are your scales balanced? Are they more heavy on the negative or positive side? Justice reminds us to take a look at ourselves and take our own measure. I think that’s what the reflection in this particular card means. Weigh yourself, not others. Everyone is responsible for their own accomplishments and transgressions. Sometimes we have to face outside authorities because of what we’ve done, but mostly we are answerable to our own selves. The most important part of justice, however, is forgiveness. We must forgive ourselves and others for their wrong-doings in order to move on with our lives. We can’t harbor ill will for the rest of our lives. It will eat us up inside and make us physically and mentally ill. Whether justice is served visibly or not, forgiveness comes from us. We must forgive to find closure and move forward.

Take a look at yourself and your life. Are there things you need to forgive yourself for? Are there things that other people have done to you or loved ones that you need to forgive? Learn the lesson, forgive, and move on.


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