Tarot Card of the Day

Ace of Swords (Deck: Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne)

The Aces are about beginnings. Swords are about the mind. So the Ace of Swords is about a new idea. Simple as that. The card depicts the endless depths of the mind where these ideas come from. We use so little of our brain. Learn to stretch yours. Brainstorm. Write stream of consciousness. Talk to someone about an idea and let the words just flow out of your mouth. They don’t need to say anything, just listen to your mind vomit out of your mouth. (That was kind of graphic!) Your mind is full of a lifetime of experiences and things you’ve seen, heard, and felt. You just have to access all those memories. One tool for the mind is meditation. Highly recommend it. There are many kinds, take your pick. They can all lead to a clear mind, open for new ideas to pop through. Another tool of the mind is our intuition. Intuition is simply our subconscious mind putting together pieces of data that we’ve absorbed over the years and spitting out something brilliant. Trust your intuition. It knows more than your conscious mind does.

What area of your life needs a facelift? Use one of these tools to come up with some ideas on how to spice up your life, or find the answers you need for a problem you’re having. You have a brilliant mind. Use it!


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