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Mictlán MoonShadow

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Reaching Beyond the veil

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I work Long Distance and By Appointment Only!

I am a practitioner of Core Shamanism, a modern day cross-cultural form of Shamanism. I offer:
Power animal retrieval
Soul Retrieval
Shamanic Extraction
Psychopomp Work
Ancestral healing.
My Ancestral Healing practice revolves around releasing patterns of illness passed down the generations of families and communities. Leaving the living to take charge of their own lives.

I am also a Psychic Medium. My specialty as a Medium is connecting with divine beings for spiritual guidance. This includes Spirit Guides, Gods, Goddesses, Saints and Power Animals. I can also connect to deceased loved ones and ancestors ( It is however not my main focus or skill). Talking to the dead can be deeply healing across all generations, as hearing the stories of those gone before and forgiveness for their actions sets both the living and the dead free of spiritual illness.

I do not do work removing attachments or negative spirits or engage in spiritual warfare.

NOTE: All of my services are spiritual in nature only and Not a substitute for any type of medical or mental healthcare needed.

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Mictlan MoonShadow

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  • N'Mier LaVeau

    From the moment I stepped into the serene space of Mictlan Moonshadow, I knew I was in the presence of someone truly special. As a second degree high priestess and SPA Director, I’ve witnessed many practitioners, Mictlan stands out deeply for me.

    His connection to the spiritual realm is not just profound, it’s deeply personal. During my session, he effortlessly connected with my ascended ancestor, bringing forth messages of guidance and wisdom that resonated with where I am in life. His grounded demeanor created a safe haven, allowing me to fully embrace the experience.

    What impressed me most was Mictlan’s clear communication. He didn’t just relay messages; he ensured they were understood, taking time to answer any follow-up questions I had. His commitment to clarity and understanding is a testament to his dedication.

    Beyond his exceptional skills as a medium, Mictlan’s growth over the past five years is noteworthy. I have observed his journey and am continually impressed by his devotion to education and honing his gifts. His investment in ongoing training shines through in every session, setting a standard for others in the field.

    In summary, Mictlan Moonshadow is not just a medium; he’s a guiding light for those seeking spiritual connection and understanding. His sessions are more than just meetings; they are transformative experiences that resonate long after they are over. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to connect with their ancestors or seeking spiritual guidance.

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