Astrology with Lilliana Blackstar

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Astrology with Lilliana Blackstar

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Astrological Guidance for Self Awareness and a Fulfilled Life

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Lilliana Blackstar takes a psychological approach to Astrology.  Trained in Evolutionary Astrology and a Jungian approach to the archetypes, an Astrology session with Lilliana is like a Spiritual Life Coaching appointment.  With a variety of Astrology readings designed to increase self- awareness and help you connect to greater universal energies present in your life.  These readings are listed in detail on

Astrology Forecasts and Informational posts on Patreon Blog -

Lilliana also offers Mentoring and Workshops for those who are interested in learning more about Astrology.  Workshops hosted by Seattle Psychics Association and Mentoring available on Patreon.

email Lilliana with any questions or to schedule a session:

Additional Qualifications:

* Bachelor's Degree in Pagan Ministry from Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary

*1st Degree Priestx with The Ever Green Hearth, WISE Tradition, ATC

*Certified Member of SPA since 2019.  Founding Member

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Lilliana Blackstar

Member since 3 years ago
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Astrology with Lilliana Blackstar 4 reviews

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4 reviews
  • Isabel de Fleur

    The in depth astrology reading Lilliana gave me has changed my life for the better. Wants and desires I had been criticized for finally made sense! Lilliana gave me hope as she reframed those negative messages into a positive realization of who I am and who I want to be. I highly recommend this experience! Understand and love yourself more fully with this service, it is worth every penny and more!

  • N'Mier LaVeau

    Lilliana is a Seattle Psychics Certified Member, they have proven their skill, empathy and professionalism through our rigorous vetting process. We highly recommend them for your spiritual advising needs.

  • N'Mier LaVeau

    Lilliana is an incredible astrologer and reader! I highly recommend getting a thorough analysis from her on your birth chart! The insight and advice has been so insightful! She also is great at making it make sense, which is important.

  • michele.sorensen

    I had a birthday astrology reading with Lilliana today and it was awesome! Great advice about my upcoming year. I can’t wait to see how my year unfolds. She is friendly and helpful and approachable, very comfortable to work with and ask questions. She is very knowledgeable about astrology and can go with the flow of the reading, wherever that leads. Thank you so much, Lilliana!

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