Lilliana Blackstar – Astrology & Tarot

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Lilliana Blackstar – Astrology & Tarot

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Unwind The Universe; Find your place among the Stars

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Spiritual Guidance with Astrology

Astrology Reading - $75.00
1 hour live video chat to analyze your birth chart and help you find insights into your life path based on your birth planets.  For beginners I will help you understand the basics of your birth chart.  For those already familiar with their birth chart I can provide a more focused reading on a certain area of life, or look to current transits to see what planetary influences are relevant in your life at this time.  

Types of Astrology Readings I offer:

  • Basic Birth Chart Analysis (Basic analysis & chart exploration - great for those new to Astrology)
  • Solar Return Reading (A birthday reading for the year ahead)
  • Transit Reading (How the planets are currently affecting you / goal setting with planetary alignments)
  • Evolutionary Astrology Reading (Focuses on your Soul's Evolutionary path in this lifetime)

Please feel free to contact me prior to booking your session to see if I am the right fit for you and what type of reading you may need at this time!

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Interested in learning about astrology and living in Lunar Syncronicity?  Check out my Patreon - 

At this time I am offering 3-Card Tarot Reading for $15 or a 6-Card Tarot & Oracle combo reading for $30
Email to book your reading

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Lilliana Blackstar is a practitioner and student of metaphysical and esoteric topics for 20 years and finds great joy in sharing and discussing spiritual topics with others.  As an Astrologer, Tarot Card Reader, and Reiki Master, Lilliana has discovered a passion for helping others. Lilliana has studied Evolutionary Astrology and especially loves teaching others through mentorship and Astrology Workshops.  A Senior at Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary, Lilliana is earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Wiccan Ministry and is also a Dedicant of The Ever Green Hearth where she in training to become a Priestess in the WISE Tradition of Wicca. She is also a Founding Member of the Seattle Psychics Association and the Astrology Correspondent for Pagan Information Network (P.I.N.)

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