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A Natural Empathic , and an intuitive, Esoteric Healer. I've been counseling people since childhood. I found I could connect with a persons problem, and open the doors that brought them to a resolution. Parents, friends, even strangers. I was homeless through my childhood. I traveled the streets of Ohio, always ending up in a situation where I could help somebody. I was constantly led to people that needed to talk to Spirit. It was after my 21st birthday I realized that my life of coincidences had evolved into a life of service. I wasn't randomly walking into these peoples lives, I was being directed. I'm a seasoned professional. I was born to do this work, and have walked with spirit and across the veil as though it were my backyard. I am a Minister and Initiate, working full time as a Priest in my church. I tour, and teach esoteric studies across the US for the Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary, and can facilitate a spiritual experience for you today.

I've been walking between the worlds since I was a child. I've been blessed with Spirit since I was nine, beginning with Native American Spiritualism, and moving to European Shamanism. I come from a long line of christian-psychics, and have always known that I had the ability to commune with nature, and the angelic realms. Spirit created me to be an esoteric minister. I connect with your guides, use Tarot, Reiki, and Esoteric Pathworking to find the best possible way to re-craft the energies of your world to better serve your happiness.

I strive to do the best and highest good in all things I attempt. I find myself best utilized on projects that involve positive change, or growth, that stimulates the world as a whole. My goals are focused on being the positive change that the world around me seeks. I accomplish these things through truth, education, laughter, and a sense of fun in all things I do. My goals include working toward a kinder, gentler, world through my actions and works.

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