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Manifesting and Working with Your Familiar w/ Titania ThunderLily

July 26, 2022 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

In-Depth Workshop and Discussion the Magickal Care and Connection with your sacred Familiar!

About this event

$20 – Includes post class recording within 48 hours.

This class will include everything from how to identify your familiar, the difference between a beloved pet and a sacred working familiar, the special needs and magickal care for your familiar, trouble-shooting issues, and how to build and support your relationship with your magickal being! If you are already working with a sacred being you are welcome to bring them to this online class, there will be time to socialize and introduce your animal! You do not need to have a familiar at this point in your path to gain an huge increase of knowledge and comfort for your future familiars!

About the Instructor/s:

Titania (Ana) ThunderLily is a SPA Certified Member, as well as a 1st Degree Priestess of the ATC WISE Tradition, a professional tarot and palm reader, clairsentient, and empath. Ana is the Marketing and Social Media Supervisor for The Ever Green Hearth – ATC. Ana has her Bachelors Degree in Creative Writing and minor in Psychology from Western Washington University, and is currently a Senior at Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary. Ana is certified in Mental Health First Aid, and has a plethora of experience in crisis management. Ana is an aspiring novelist with a love of erotic fantasy, and a moderate to severe espresso addiction. Ana currently lives in Thurston County with her orange tabby cat familiar, Dave.

Dave the Cat: Dave has been a working familiar of Titania (Ana) for many years now, and often works with the public in mundane and magical settings!


Technical Info:

This class is hosted live in Microsoft Teams. You do not need an account to attend. This class is recorded live and available to all students

SPA Members are eligible to attend this class at no cost through their benefits. To learn more about SPA and it’s membership: www.seattlepsychicsassociation.com


Titania ThunderLily
Seattle Psychics Association


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