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3 of Coins (Deck: Tarot of the Divine by Yoshi Yoshitani)

The 3 of Coins is about teamwork, collaboration, teaching and learning. Some tasks are better done by one person alone, but many times it takes a team to accomplish a goal. Teams bring many perspectives to the table instead of just one, offering multiple ideas and suggestions. Joining a team is a great way to learn, as well. You can watch and study those who are more proficient, while also offering your own fresh point of view to the group. One person cannot be and do everything. “Teamwork makes the dream work,” cheesy but true. We all belong to various teams that accomplish different objectives in our lives. I have 3 teams in my life that I rely on to help me with my work, my kids, and my mental health. These teams make it possible for me to be successful in my many endeavors.

In the Tarot of the Divine, the 3 of Coins is represented by the Tamang myth Banjhakri and Banjhakrini from Nepal. These two yeti-like creatures were shamans that lived in the mountains. They trained new shamans, taking children who met their standards of perfection and basically put them through the ringer. Any who survived and succeeded became a powerful shaman themselves, and could train other shamans. But the most powerful were those trained by Banjhakri and Banjhakrini personally. This deck focuses on the learning, or apprenticeship aspect of this card. Learn from the best in order to become the best. Choose your teachers wisely.

If you are struggling with something in your life, consider putting together a team to help you. It can be friends, family, professionals (like therapists, doctors, teachers, etc), a life coach, spiritual advisors, etc. Anyone who can lend support or expertise. Both are important. You need people to cheer you on or lend an ear or shoulder when you need one, but you also need people who can teach you how to do what needs to be done. Or even do it for you, if you have too much on your plate. Delegate! Like I said before, one person cannot do and be everything. Get help. Hire a professional. Find a mentor. Build a team. Lean on your family and friends. “It takes a village to raise a child.” Another cheesy saying, but also true. You don’t have to do life alone. And you aren’t alone. If you feel alone, think about all the people you know. I bet there’s someone out there that wouldn’t mind if you called to lean on them. There are almost 8 billion people on this planet, reach out and find your tribe. Or start with a therapist. They can sometimes help you identify people in your life that you can reach out to. Just don’t try to go it alone. The most successful people have other people supporting them, making it possible for them to succeed.

-MAJK Mom (majkmom.com)
(Resource: Beneath the Moon by Yoshi Yoshitani)

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