Tarot Card of the Day

King of Pentacles (Deck: Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne)

The King of Pentacles is Mr. Practical. He’s your fix it guy, your financial advisor, your doctor. He’s your master of everything that has to do with mundane things like your home, your wealth, your health. He’s calm and confident because he knows his area of mastery. He doesn’t rush things because he knows things happen in their own time, and that’s ok. He helps out in any way he can, that’s his nature. He can have a tendency to hoard things that might have a use someday. (Talking about you Grandpa!) And he’d rather try to fix something broken rather than throw it away and buy a new one. He shows love for his family in practical ways like providing a living, buying you things you need, giving gifts that are useful. He makes sure everyone he cares about has a roof over their head, food to eat, clothes to wear (though not necessarily fashionable) and medical care. He’s not very romantic in obvious ways. But have no doubt he loves you and cares about you if he’s taking care of your needs. He’s the father, grandpa, or old lonely guy down the street that loves to pass down his knowledge to the younger generations.

If you have a King of Pentacles in your life, give him love in ways he’ll understand and appreciate. A new tool he needs, or warm clothes, gifts that are practical and useful. Make him good food. Keep the house clean. Be dependable. And above all, be grateful. A King of Pentacles is a treasure beyond words.


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