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Page of Cups (Deck: Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne)

Welcome back to Tarot Card of the Day after my break for a Thanksgiving Family Reunion trip (which was awesome by the way). So let’s start with the Page of Cups. As you can see from the image of the card, this Page of Cups is different than the standard RWS Page of Cups. Usually the Page of Cups is standing next to a body of water holding a cup with a fish inside. This Page is very different. I see this card in two ways. One is disconnection. See how his legs are at the top of the card? He is disconnected from part of himself. You could be ignoring one aspect of your life to concentrate on others and need to return to balance. In a relationship reading, you could be feeling disconnected from your partner. The other theme in this card is the flying pig. Everyone knows that “when pigs fly” is a metaphor for something that will never happen. So that’s the other meaning I assign to this card. Never gonna happen, no how, no way. I found this card kind of disturbing at first because of the disconnected legs, but have come to enjoy its imagery and intuitive reading meanings.

Is there something or something that you feel disconnected from and need to reach out and reconnect to bring balance to your life? Think about that today!


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