Tarot Card of the Day

King of Cups (Deck: Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne)

The King of Cups sits in the tidepool, surrounded by small sea creatures. He wears a fish necklace, playing with his singing bowl, and radiates positive energy. He is the master of his emotions. Nothing sets him off or pushes his buttons. He responds to every situation with intention and purpose. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t get angry or upset, only that he does so when it is 100% called for. He prefers to present his emotions with compassion and kindness. He understands the point of view and emotions of others and recognizes that everyone has a right to feel whatever they’re feeling at that time. His presence is a calming influence on others as he radiates love and compassion. He loves all the living things on Goddess’s green Earth, and shows that love with care and tenderness. If he is in a relationship, his partner feels like a Queen (or King), and that they are the most important person in the world to him. They know that his love is for everyone, and are willing to share because his care knows no bounds. The King of Cups is an ideal that we can all strive for, yet is so hard to attain. We all have our buttons, our triggers, we just need to learn to respond with intention instead of react in the moment.

What can you do today to bring the King of Cups energy into your life? Meditation has helped me create that space between trigger and reaction when I have time to respond with intention. Perhaps you could start a meditation practice. Or create some kind of visual or mental reminder to respond to triggers with compassion instead of bitterness and anger. Give it some thought today.


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