Tarot Card of the Day

3 of Swords (Deck: Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne)

A woman sits screaming in a totally barren landscape. The sky is dark and cloudy and there is a hint of wind movement in the sky and in her windblown hair. Above her floats a heart, obviously wounded. It is attached to her by a red cord that wraps around her chest. Other red cords go off in different directions. The has 3 swords tattooed on her arm (which to me, is just asking for trouble!) Something traumatic has happened and her heart is broken. Her agony is written all over her face. Have you ever been in this place? I have. 3 times. It’s not fun. With agony this strong, you feel it physically throughout your body but primarily in your heart and stomach. It hurts. When you’re in this much pain, all you can do is feel it. Everything else goes away. Your mind and body are completely immersed in the pain of the moment. Nothing else matters. You just want to scream and cry and cry some more. Fortunately, now I have a support system of people I can call if one of these traumatic events happens again who will talk me through it and help me get beyond the intense agony of total heartbreak. The only thing that cures heartbreak this intense is time. When you’re in the middle of it, you feel like it will go on forever. But it doesn’t. Time does heal all wounds. To a certain extent. Some of us end up with PTSD. My heart goes out to those people. Living with trauma is not easy and affects every aspect of our lives.

Do you have a support system in place in case you experience heartbreak or other forms of mental and emotional pain? Family? Friends? Therapist? You never know when you’ll need that support team, so make sure you have one!


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