Tarot Card of the Day

7 of Cups (Deck: Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne)

A man stands looking at 7 overturned bowls, trying to decide between them. Some of them have hints of what’s inside: a wing of a dragon or bat, a snake, water flowing out of one, a couple of ladders next to 2 of them. 7 of Cups is about making choices. Our choices define our life, who we are, and how we present ourselves to the world. We have the free will to make choices, but we cannot choose the consequences. If we are wise, we consider all possible consequences before making a choice, but most of us just tend to make choices with our gut without considering all the possible ramifications. If our choices define us, are you living your truth? Are you making choices based on your beliefs and values, and not the pleasure and comfort of the moment? This is living with integrity: making choices aligned with your values. You can’t always see all the future consequences of your actions, but if you make choices based on your values, the universe will reward you with positive consequences.

Think about how you make choices. Do you go with your gut feeling? Do you consider the consequences first? Are you living your truth?


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