The moon will enter the sign of Leo on Feb 14 at 3:17 am PST
It will be a Full Moon on the night of February 15
Moon will be 100% Full (in exact opposition to the Sun in Aquarius) at 8:07 am PST on February 16.
The moon enters Virgo on Feb 16 at 12:42 pm PST. The night of February 16, the moon will still technically be Full, but it will be in the sign of Virgo and no longer opposing the sun by Sign (just by degree)

Individual Values vs Community Values – The Leo/Aquarius Axis

As you learn about Astrology, it is helpful to think of the signs not just individually, but as pairs. Each sign has a Polar Opposite, and understanding the opposite sign is crucial for understanding the sign itself. The polarity sign offers balance to its opposite sign – each sign must learn from the other. They are like opposite sides of the same coin and exist in relationship to each other rather than in a vacuum of solitude.

Through the journey of the Sun and Cycles of the moon, we can tap into this polarity point deeply. The Full Moon is always in the opposite sign of the sun, reflecting back the sun’s light brightly through the night asking us the find balance and providing an opportunity to harmonize these opposing energies.

The basis of the Leo-Aquarius Axis is Self-Expression vs Group Expression. Leo is focused on self-expression, individuality, and our personal creative potential. Whereas Aquarius is focused on group expression, community, and the creative potential of groups of people working together. Leo asks, “what do I get out of this activity”? while Aquarius asks, “What does the community/group get out of this activity”?

The lessons of Leo:
* Self Confidence
* Individuality
* Strength of willpower
* Following desires of the heart
* Playfulness & Enjoyment of Life
* Creativity for the sake of Creation

The lessons of Aquarius:
* Recognizing others as special
* Equity and Equality
* Strength of collective/group willpower
* Listening to desires of the group
* Revolution and Unconventionality
* Creativity for the sake of humanitarianism

Leo relates to the Creative spark from a place of Self Expression, whereas Aquarius relates to the Creative spark from a place of Group Expression. There is art that is made to express and individual’s experience, and then there is art that is made to express a more communal experience. Leo creativity comes from a personal need (the ability to create a desired outcome that serves the one) and Aquarius creativity comes from a group need (the ability to create something that serves the whole). The balance comes in the discovery that both of these are important. There are things that we all need as a collective, and there are things that in individual needs but the whole group doesn’t.

The balancing point is finding ways to harmonize from extremes, to find something that satisfies both individual needs AND group needs. Leo may tend to be focused on its own individual experiences to a point of narcissism while Aquarius takes a more aloof, detached approach as it focuses on Humanitarianism – an awareness of the Collective. This is where balance is necessary. Aquarius reminds Leo that if one person in the community is suffering, it lowers the health of the collective group experience. However, Leo reminds Aquarius that the collective group is more functional if each person can shine with their unique individuality.

Both signs are Rebels in their own way – each desiring to be seen as unique and special. Leo energy is generally satisfied with being appreciated and validated for being themselves; and for their unique talents and skills. Aquarius also desires appreciation and validation, but they measure this value in terms of what they are offering to the Community or how they are influencing a broader group. You can think of this in terms of Fixed Fire and Fixed Air. The Fixed Fire sign is like that brightly burning bonfire – a crowd is drawn to it and come to stand around it, taking in the warmth and light. People love to gather around the fire, and they find value in that experience that they will remember and seek out future bonfires to gather round. Fixed Air however, is like the telephone pole or satellite dish. It is the conduit for messages to flow through. People “connect” with this telephone pole every day, but they aren’t exactly standing around admiring it or taking pictures. However, it is connecting people, moving ideas and communication from one place to another, and most certainly influencing the community. BOTH the telephone pole and the bonfire are important parts of communal experiences. The bonfire feels personal, intimate. The telephone pole is less personal, but influences our intimate relationships nonetheless. In fact, you probably relied on the telephone pole or satellite dish to spread the word about the bonfire, and to share your bonfire experiences with people who weren’t there.

Leo is ruled by The Sun and Aquarius is ruled by Saturn (using Traditional Astrology) and these two heavenly bodies couldn’t be more different. The Sun is hot and bright and fast – and symbolizes a part of the chart related to personal expression and self identity. Saturn is cold and dim and slow – and symbolizes boundaries, restrictions, and generally anything that stands to challenge or hinder the personal expression of the sun.
Here, again we encounter this balance. While the sun might be the part of us that just wants to do what we want – Saturn is the rules or structure of society we encounter that says *wait a second*. Sure, it might be fun to have a midnight bonfire in our back yard, beating drums and dancing all night. However, in reality “fun” doesn’t always justify our desires. We have to consider the well being and desires of our neighbors. Is there a burn ban to prevent smoke and air pollution or to prevent possible destructive wildfires? Are there noise ordinances in town that ask you to be more quiet after a certain hour? We choose to give up some personal freedoms in order to live as a collective society – that’s the deal we make. That’s The Sun vs Saturn and the most basic breakdown of Leo vs Aquarius.

Have a Blessed Full Moon!

However you are celebrating, or if you are doing any kind of ritual for this Full Moon, I invite you to consider the lessons of the Leo / Aquarius Axis and integrate them into your workings. The ultimate goal is Integration and Balance – living with both sides of this axis in harmony.

Lilliana Blackstar is a Founding Member and Certified Reader with Seattle Psychics Association. You can connect with her for more Astrology at

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