Hekate Sickle Festival

Microsoft Teams

Join Hekate in revealing the magic of the British Isles On the shores of a lake, fog lays dense and bathes the moon lit night with a yellow glow. You can make out the silhouette of a figure at the edge of the water holding a lantern aloft. The figure turns their face and beacons […]

Working with Spirits 101 w/Roman Delgado

Microsoft Teams

Your Instructor Roman Delgado has a strong background on Core Shamanism, and also on Brujería, and Southern Conjure. Core Shamanism is primarily oriented towards healing, and Brujería and Southern Conjure are magical practices with both healing and harming components. It is through this background that he will guide you through the world of spirits with […]

Tarot 101 w/Brenna Grace

Microsoft Teams

A hands-on, beginners course to understanding the essentials of the Tarot. This class includes discussions on the following topics: • Symbolism and Numerology of the Tarot Cards • Layouts • How to communicate clearly with the Tarot • How to follow-up with tarot clients • Common Questions and Road Bumps Supplies Suggested: • Rider-Waite Based […]

Sacred Cauldron (Secondlife) Psychic Faire

Sacred Cauldron (Secondlife)

Join us in the Wise Owl Library at Sacred Cauldron for our virtual reality psychic faire! Pre-Purchase your readings and get 5 mins free paypal.me/seattlepsychics (Include your username in description)

Samhain Drunken Divination with SPA

Facebook Live Virtual Events

Our world famous Drunken Divination event returns once more! Our psychics deep in the libations of life will be on hand to answer all of lifes mysteries! Pre-order your reading through paypal.me/seattlepsychics by 10/29 and get entered into a raffle for a free private reading with one of our Psychics! Price of live reading with […]

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