Tino Cecilio – Empathic Tarot Readings

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Tino Cecilio – Empathic Tarot Readings

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There is more to life than what we experience with our five senses and It is a gift when we can explore it together.

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Those of us who read the Tarot are as different from one another as the stars in the heavens. Each one of us bring a special quality that can only come from our individual essence. Since childhood I have been aware of being an empath and after years of searching for a means of expression that I could share with the world came the Tarot, which helps me bring science and spirituality together to make sense of our world and the universes we live in.
I had the good fortune to have studied with a Tarot master for several years before I began sharing my abilities with fellow souls here in the 3-D community. I am an ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church, and I hold in my heart that religion and spirituality are not the same thing. I work with my clients to overlay their own beliefs onto the reading which I find leads to higher connection to spirit and better resonation with the messages delivered. I offer remote readings for the comfort and safety of my clients both locally and abroad.

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Tino Cecilio

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  • N'Mier LaVeau

    Tino is a Seattle Psychics Certified Member, they have proven their skill, empathy and professionalism through our rigorous vetting process. We highly recommend them for your spiritual advising needs.

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